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Premier Turf Management offers friendly and reliable services to our customers. With over twelve years of experience providing lawn care services in the Ottawa region, our valued clients rely on our honest advice and dependable recommendations to make their turf look its best. We strive to meet the needs of your commercial and residential properties by identifying and addressing harmful turf issues in order to provide you with a healthy, resilient lawn. Our expertise is complimented by our ability to identify and safely treat harmful noxious weeds, including poison ivy and wild parsnip, which are commonly seen in overgrown areas such as roadsides and walking trails.

Premier Turf Management also works hand in hand with our partners, Premier Property Services, and Premier Irrigation & Lighting. Our Premier Team can address all seasonal landscape maintenance requirements including full landscape maintenance, irrigation and lighting or snow and ice management on any residential or commercial location.

Industry Experience 100%
Ecologically Friendly 100%
Honest Advice 100%

The Premier Turf Management Guarantee

Premier guarantees that our service will improve your lawn. Your turf will continue to show signs of improvement after each treatment until we reach your desired result. We will proactively provide recommendations to help bring your lawn to the next level and reach its full potential. The timeline for this will vary based on several factors, such as your lawn’s existing condition, the program selected, and proper cultural practices used throughout the season. No matter what condition your lawn is in, Premier Turf Management can bring it back to life.

About Us