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Why Choose Premier Turf Management


Premier Turf Management uses a combination of three different fertilizers to ensure your lawn receives the proper nutrients...

Seeding with Aeration or Topdressing

Premier Turf Management’s blend of both Rye and Kentucky Blue grass seed will thicken your lawn’s thin or patchy ...

Weed Control Services

At Premier Turf Management, we exclusively use industry-leading and provincially approved weed management products...

Grub Control

Premier Turf Management’s grub control service is designed to specifically target the root-eating larvae living...

Residential Programs

Premier Turf Management’s Feed Focus Program is designed with one thing in mind: to maximize lawn health.

Commercial Services

If you have a commercial property in need of help to make your lawn look its best, ....

Mosquito Protection

Comfortably enjoy you yard by eliminating the presence of annoying mosquitos this season. Our Mosquito Protection...

Chinch Bug Control

Preventing and reducing extensive damage can now be done with our natural approach to minimizing active infestations.

Irrigation & Lighting

Our talented management team has over 35 years of combined experience in all aspects of irrigation, lighting, and landscaping.