Premier Turf Management uses a combination of 3 multi-coated, control-released fertilizers to structure your customized turf care program. Complimenting your turf care with our organic option will maximize your soil, root, and lawns overall health all season long. Customizing your program to introduce proper nutrients, at the right time of year, is the key to achieving optimal results and ensuring long term health and vigor.

We offer several seasonal fertilizers:

Spring Fertilizer
  • A spring fertilizer will awaken your lawn following the harsh and icy winters we experience in Ottawa. By introducing a high nitrogen control-release formula that is designed to nourish your lawn for 4 months, we can guarantee an even feeding from spring until fall. This industry leading fertilizer will eliminate gaps in feeding as inconsistency in feeding cycles will weaken your lawn and encourage weeds, insects or diseases to intrude.
Organic Soil Enhancement
  • Organic Soil Enhancement is a 5-1-3 fertilizer constructed with nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, alfalfa meal, feather meal, kelp meal, dolomitic lime, and sulfate of potash to stimulate and increase your soil’s micronutrient activity, resulting in a healthy and vibrant lawn. This blend provides a powerhouse of nutrients that your lawn will use to build strength and resistance to future damage caused by disease or insect infestations.
Iron Fertilizer - FE+
  • This 24-0-11 2% FE and 1% MN summer/fall fertilizer is bound with a Polymer & Sulphur Coated Urea to instantly provide your turf with a deep green color while simultaneously slowly releasing nutrients over the following 8 weeks. Customizing your program with the use of this fertilizer will optimize your lawns visual appeal and structural integrity.