Premier Turf Management uses a combination of three different fertilizers to ensure your lawn receives the proper nutrients, at the right time of year, to achieve optimal results. Our program options consist of control-released, multi-coated, and organic fertilizers to support your lawn’s health in our climate.

We offer several seasonal fertilizers:

Spring Fertilizer
  • Spring fertilizer will awaken your lawn following the harsh, icy winters we experience in Ottawa, by introducing an industry-leading, high nitrogen and control-release formula that is designed to nourish your lawn for up to 120 days.
Organic Summer Fertilizer
  • Summer Organic Low Nitrogen Fertilizer is made with alfalfa meal, feather meal, kelp meal, dolomitic lime, and sulfate of potash to stimulate and increase your soil’s micronutrient activity, resulting in a healthy and more resilient lawn!
Fall Fertilizer
  • Fall fertilizer is designed with Poly-SCU and 2% iron to feed your lawn instantly while slowly releasing nutrients that will nourish it for the remainder of the season. Our fall fertilizer is specifically developed to feed your lawn over a six to eight week timeframe, which will carry it into winter dormancy.