Seeding with Aeration or Topdressing

Premier Turf Management uses a blend of Rye and Kentucky Blue-Grass to thicken your lawns thin and bare spots as this is the best defense in impeding invasive weeds from taking over. We strongly suggest having your lawn seeded in either the spring or fall when temperatures are cooler. Premier’s blend of seed is resilient and ideal for Ottawa’s climate as it will ensure that your lawn will thrive throughout the year.
  • Aeration with Seeding: This is ideal to help a well-established lawn look even better by filling bare and thin spots throughout the turf. Water and air have difficulty penetrating your lawn’s compacted soil and an aeration is ideal for relieving the soil’s stress by piercing the thatch and pruning the root system. Aeration provides the benefit of exposing your lawn’s root structure to more oxygen, water, and nutrients by pulling up to 3inch cores from the soil, allowing these essential element’s to make their way directly to the lawn’s feeding system.
  • Topdressing with Seeding: This method can enhance a thriving lawn by releasing an abundance of micronutrients to boost its overall health. It can also bring a poor lawn back to life by giving the new seed instant exposure to nutrients. Our process is to apply a thin layer of enriched black earth to cover your seed, which will create a moisture barrier to ensure that your seed stays hydrated and germinates successfully.
  • SERVICE NOTICE – Once seed is applied, it is important to keep the lawn wet for two to four weeks for best results. New seedlings are fragile, weak, and require nutrients and water to ensure healthy germination.
  • It is important to note that the current condition of your lawn plays an important role in the result achieved. Your lawn should be kept as thick as possible to ensure there are no exposed or thin areas for unwanted weeds to invade.