Weed Control Services

At Premier Turf Management, we exclusively use industry-leading and provincially approved weed management products. Our available weed control services include treating weeds on your lawn, walkway, patio and rock garden, as well as safely eradicating poisonous weeds (such as poison ivy and wild parsnip).

It’s important to keep in mind that weed control treatments will not improve your lawn on their own, as regular maintenance and proper cultural practices play a large role in achieving your overall goals.

Premier Turf Management is fully licensed and adheres to all environmental, provincial, and municipal regulations.

For Your Grass

  • Fiesta is an iron-based, weed control option that will deliver the highest reduction in weed population when applied at the right time! Within twenty-four hours of the application, you will see the weeds turn black, after which they will slowly start to fade away while we simultaneously work to strengthen and thicken your lawn. Our programs are designed to re-treat the lawn within a three to four week timeframe to ensure that any re-growth is weakened further. It is proven that multiple applications applied closely together will provide lasting control.
  • SAFETY NOTICE – It is advised to stay off the treated areas until the product has dried (approximately one hour following the treatment, dependent on temperature and the weather during treatment). Once the application has dried, it is then safe for you, your children, and pets to walk on the lawn without worry.

Hard Service/Noxious Weeds

  • Our vegetation control treatments include neutralizing poisonous and harmful plants, such as poison ivy, wild parsnip, stinging nettle, and more.
  • Hard surface vegetation control applications rid your walkway, patio, driveway, and rock garden from unsightly and unwanted weeds, as well as grasses that continue to spread.
  • SAFETY NOTICE – When applying vegetation control to any hard surface, it is advised to stay off the treated areas until the product has dried (approximately one hour following the treatment). Please be advised that when the target pest is a noxious weed, it is advised to stay clear of the treated area until the plant has subsided.